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spicy dry fish sri lankan style

Karola Thel Dala (Spicy Fried Dry Fish)

A Spicy Sri Lankan Dry Fish Recipe Fish and other seafood plays a major part in Sri Lankan cuisine. Catching, selling, cooking and eating fish is a part of our culture. Like many other Sri Lankan foods, dry fish recies were originally conceived as a necessity. Before we had fridges, the...

Devilled Chicken Sri Lankan Style

Easy Devilled Chicken Sri Lankan Style

Introducing: The Chicken Devil Devilled chicken is more commonly referred to as “chicken devil” or “chicken devel”in Sri Lanka. Whenever I hear the term devil chicken I think of something like this: But of course “devilled” is just a way to describe food that is cooked with hot seasoning. Devilled...

Easy Prawn Salad

Easy Prawn Salad

Easy and Delicious Prawn Salad Beware of the Fake Fishermen   Many people are familiar with the photos of traditional Sri Lankan fishermen sitting on stilts. What many don’t know is that not all of the guys sitting on these stilts traditional fishermen. Due to the dwindling stocks, local fishermen...

Harak Mas Kariya

Beef Curry (Harak Mas Karyia)

Sri Lankan Beef Curry with an Extra-Rich Taste Much Easier than it Looks Sri Lankan beef curry (harak mas kariya or හරක් මස් කරිය in Sinhala) is one of those typical Sri Lankan recipes that look complicated at first, but are actually quite easy to execute. The list of ingredients is...

spicy scrambled eggs

Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Extra-Spicy Scrambled Eggs Sri Lankan Style A Fiery Breakfast Today’s recipe is a really spicy Sri Lankan breakfast: Spicy scrambled eggs. When I say “really spicy”, I mean really spicy. And make no mistake: what Sri Lankans consider spicy can absolutely not be compared to what Indians consider spicy. Authentic...

Creamy Curried Meatballs

Spicy Curried Meatballs (Mas Bola Kariya)

How do you Say Curried Meatballs in Sri Lanka? Mas Bola Kariya (not Mas Panduva) I have a non Sri Lankan friend who just loves Sri Lankan food. Sometimes she’ll find an obscure Sri Lankan recipe and excitedly asks if I know how to make it. Not too long ago...

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