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Harak Mas Kariya

Beef Curry (Harak Mas Karyia)

Sri Lankan Beef Curry with an Extra-Rich Taste Much Easier than it Looks Sri Lankan beef curry (harak mas kariya or හරක් මස් කරිය in Sinhala) is one of those typical Sri Lankan recipes that look complicated at first, but are actually quite easy to execute. The list of ingredients is...

Rabu (Radish)

Radish Curry (Rabu Vegetable Curry)

Rabu Vegetable Curry A Healthy and Delicious Sri Lankan Dish Radish might seem like a slightly unusual ingredient for a curry dish, but then again we Sri Lankans like to curry-fy everything under the sun. Make no mistake, rabu vegetable curry is great on so many levels. It looks, smells...

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