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Easy Prawn Salad

Easy Prawn Salad

Easy and Delicious Prawn Salad Beware of the Fake Fishermen   Many people are familiar with the photos of traditional Sri Lankan fishermen sitting on stilts. What many don’t know is that not all of the guys sitting on these stilts traditional fishermen. Due to the dwindling stocks, local fishermen...

Sri Lankan Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry with Coconut Milk (Isso Kirata)

An Amazing Sri Lankan Seafood Recipe I’ve been getting many requests for a Sri Lankan prawn curry recipe ever since I posted my isso thel dala (spicy stir-fried shrimps) recipe a while back. And really, what is a Sri Lankan food blog without a recipe for prawn curry? It’s one...

Spicy Shrimps (Isso Thel Dala)

Spicy Shrimps – Isso Thel Dala

A Super Spicy Sri Lankan Seafood Recipe Isso Thel Dala – “Devilled” in Every Sense of the Word Seafood is plentyful in Sri Lanka, which shouldn’t surprise you, as Sri Lanka is surrounded by water. Shrimps, crab and various fishes are very popular on the island and are cooked in...

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