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sri lankan chicken patties

Chicken Patties

A Tasty Alternative to Fish Patties One of the recipes on this site that seems to get the most visitors is my Sri Lankan fish patties recipe. I’m happy this recipe is so well-received by my readers around the world. For the holidays I would like to introduce another Sri Lankan...

Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

How to Make Fish Cutlets

What’s Round, Coated in Breadcrumbs and Tastes Amazing? Fish cutlets are one of Sri Lanka’s most popular snacks, on par only with fish patties. Cutlets might not be a Sri Lankan invention – but just like other imported recipes, cutlets have been given their own character by generations of Sri...

Ala Thel Dala (devilled potato)

Devilled Potato (Ala Thel Dala)

The Sri Lankan Way to Make Potato Stir-Fry Sri Lanka is famous for its spicy cuisine. If you’ve tried my spicy shrimps or devilled pineapple then you will already have an idea of the fiery taste of a real Sri Lankan stir-fry. Devilled potato (ala thel dala in Sinhala) is...

Harak Mas Kariya

Beef Curry (Harak Mas Karyia)

Sri Lankan Beef Curry with an Extra-Rich Taste Much Easier than it Looks Sri Lankan beef curry (harak mas kariya or හරක් මස් කරිය in Sinhala) is one of those typical Sri Lankan recipes that look complicated at first, but are actually quite easy to execute. The list of ingredients is...

sri lankan fish patties

Sri Lankan Fish Patties

Sri Lanka’s Favorite Snack Sri Lankans Love Fish Patties Seriously, Sri Lankans love their fish patties (මාළු පැටිස් in Sinhala), they are without a doubt one of the favourite foods on the island. And who could blame them for enjoying this delicious snack. Despite their popularity, Unlike many other Sri...

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