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Devilled Chicken Sri Lankan Style

Easy Devilled Chicken Sri Lankan Style

Introducing: The Chicken Devil Devilled chicken is more commonly referred to as “chicken devil” or “chicken devel”in Sri Lanka. Whenever I hear the term devil chicken I think of something like this: But of course “devilled” is just a way to describe food that is cooked with hot seasoning. Devilled...

sri lankan chicken patties

Chicken Patties

A Tasty Alternative to Fish Patties One of the recipes on this site that seems to get the most visitors is my Sri Lankan fish patties recipe. I’m happy this recipe is so well-received by my readers around the world. For the holidays I would like to introduce another Sri Lankan...

Sri Lankan Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice Like a Sri Lankan This is the recipe for fried rice, here you can read the devilled chicken recipe, which is the second part of this meal. Note: I wrote this post as an entry into a contest hosted by my favorite Italian food blog, In Cucina...

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