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Cashew Curry (Kaju Kirata)

Cashew Curry (Kaju Maluwa)

Sri Lankan Cashew Curry: Expensive and Delicious Cashew nuts are a very popular ingredient is Sri Lankan cuisine. Cashew nuts are also really, really expensive in Sri Lanka. I haven’t lived in Sri Lanka for a few years now and I’m not up to date with the current prices, but I...

Devilled Cashews (kaju thel dala)

Devilled Cashew Stir-Fry (Kaju Thel Dala)

Sri Lanka’s Best Kept Secret Follow my blog with Bloglovin Cashews – A Luxury Food in Sri Lanka Sri Lankan cuisine is special in many ways. The use of cashew nuts is very characteristic to Sri Lankan recipes. You can use them as garnish and a bit of cashew adds...


Watalappan (Coconut Milk Pudding)

One of the Most Famous Traditional Sri Lankan Desserts Preparing Watalappan Like a Pro The recipe I want to share with you today is a mouth-wateringly sweet Sri Lankan dessert called watalappan (වටලප්පන් in Sinhala). Watalappan is a delicious coconut milk pudding  with cashew nuts and jaggery. There are many variations of...

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