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Sri Lankan Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice Like a Sri Lankan This is the recipe for fried rice, here you can read the devilled chicken recipe, which is the second part of this meal. Note: I wrote this post as an entry into a contest hosted by my favorite Italian food blog, In Cucina...

sri lankan butter cake

Sri Lankan Butter Cake

An Easy Butter Cake Recipe Treat your Family and your Guests with this Sri Lankan Butter Cake Recipe I fondly remember Christmas back when I lived in Sri Lanka. Once we came back from church, we used to have wine and fresh butter cake, and it was always a wonderful treat....

spicy scrambled eggs

Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Extra-Spicy Scrambled Eggs Sri Lankan Style A Fiery Breakfast Today’s recipe is a really spicy Sri Lankan breakfast: Spicy scrambled eggs. When I say “really spicy”, I mean really spicy. And make no mistake: what Sri Lankans consider spicy can absolutely not be compared to what Indians consider spicy. Authentic...

fried couscous

Fried and Mixed Couscous

Sri Lanka Meets the Middle East A Sri Lankan Couscous Recipe Most of the recipes I’ve posted can be considered traditional Sri Lankan recipes. With today’s recipe I’m straying a bit from the traditional recipes. I’ve lived in Middle Eastern countries for almost ten years and many of my recipes...

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