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Easy Prawn Salad

Easy Prawn Salad

Easy and Delicious Prawn Salad Beware of the Fake Fishermen   Many people are familiar with the photos of traditional Sri Lankan fishermen sitting on stilts. What many don’t know is that not all of the guys sitting on these stilts traditional fishermen. Due to the dwindling stocks, local fishermen...

Pol Sambol (Sri Lankan Coconut Salad)

Pol Sambol (Coconut Salad)

How to Make Pol Sambol in Two Easy Steps Coconut is the king of Sri Lankan cuisine. Coconut milk and scraped coconut are staples of many Sri Lankan recipes. Today we’ll be looking at one of the quickest, easiest and most delicious way to prepare coconut: Pol sambol (sometimes spelled...

Sri Lankan Short-Cooked Cabage Recipe

Gowa Mallum (Short-Cooked Cabbage)

Your Health and Your Taste Buds can Thank me Later You Know You Should Eat More Cabbage – Try Gowa Mallum Vegetables play an important role in Sri Lankan food culture. Mallums, such as gowa mallum, are traditionally short-cooked Sri Lankan vegetable dishes that are often mixed with scraped coconut....

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