How to Make Fried Rice

How to Make Fried Rice Like a Sri Lankan

Sri Lankan Fried Rice

This is the recipe for fried rice, here you can read the devilled chicken recipe, which is the second part of this meal.

Note: I wrote this post as an entry into a contest hosted by my favorite Italian food blog, In Cucina con Mamma Agnese. I could have also called this recipe A Chinese Dish Cooked Sri Lankan Style for an Italian Food Contest.

Con questa ricetta partecipo a “Contest Food – Chef per le Feste” di In Cucina con Mamma Agnese, in collaborazione con Punto Soave – I Sarti del Gusto”


A visitor in Sri Lanka might easily get the impression that fried rice is a local food, seeing as  it’s sold on nearly every corner in Sri Lanka. Fried rice isn’t a traditional Sri Lankan recipe, however. It was brought to Sri Lanka relatively recently, when Chinese food started getting introduced into the island. Needless to say, Chinese cuisine has been received extremely well in Sri Lanka and Chinese restaurants keep popping up all over Sri Lanka. The drawings on the restaurant signs might often resemble a varan more than the dragon they’re meant to depict, but the food is usually to-notch.

Of course Sri Lankan have their own ways of making fried rice. Below you will find how I make for Sri Lankan style mixed and fried rice.

As this isn’t a traditional Sri Lankan dish, it doesn’t tend to mix too well with Sri Lankan side dishes, although there are some exceptions. If you want to play it safe it’s best to serve it with chili paste (Chinese chili paste, not lunu miris) or devilled chicken.



500 g basmati rice

100 g carrot

100 g leek

100 g cabbage

1 medium sized onion

5 garlic cloves

2 eggs

150 g chicken breast

150 g boneless beef cut

150 g boneless pork cut

2 tablespoons soya sauce

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

1 cup chicken broth

2 cubes of Knorr chicken soup

50 g butter

vegetable oil

salt to taste


Cooking Instructions:

  1. Cook the basmati rice in water like you’d normally do.
  2. Wash and clean the meat.
  3. Season the meat with four to five pinches of salt and deep-fry the pork, beef and chicken breast separately.
  4. Cut the meat into small pieces.
  5. Cut the carrot, leek and cabbage into small pieces (don’t chop them).
  6. Chop the onion and garlic, each one separate.
  7. Get a wok or a large frying pan and heat the butter on medium flame.
  8. Add the onions and stir for one and a half minutes.
  9. Add the garlic and fry until both the garlic and onions are light brown.
  10. Add the carrots, fry until the carrots are soft while you keep stirring. This should take about 6 minutes.
  11. Add the cabbage and leeks and stir for 3 more minutes.
  12. Add all the meat pieces, one by one. First the chicken, then the pork then the beef.
  13. Add a few pinches of salt.
  14. Add the Knorr soup cubes and black pepper, stir for 2 more minutes.
  15. Add the eggs and stir until the eggs are cooked.
  16. Add the basmati rice little by little.
  17. Taste and add salt if needed.


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