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spicy dry fish sri lankan style

Karola Thel Dala (Spicy Fried Dry Fish)

A Spicy Sri Lankan Dry Fish Recipe Fish and other seafood plays a major part in Sri Lankan cuisine. Catching, selling, cooking and eating fish is a part of our culture. Like many other Sri Lankan foods, dry fish recies were originally conceived as a necessity. Before we had fridges, the...

Sri Lankan Fish Cutlets

How to Make Fish Cutlets

What’s Round, Coated in Breadcrumbs and Tastes Amazing? Fish cutlets are one of Sri Lanka’s most popular snacks, on par only with fish patties. Cutlets might not be a Sri Lankan invention – but just like other imported recipes, cutlets have been given their own character by generations of Sri...

Lunu Miris (Sri Lankan Chilli Paste)

Lunu Miris (Katta Sambol) – Sri Lankan Style Chilli Paste

An Extremely Spicy Sri Lankan Classic Are You Ready for the Challenge? Lunu Miris Might be One of the World’s Spiciest Foods! You know a food is fiery when even Sri Lankans consider it spicy. Lunu miris (sometimes called katta sambol) is easily one of Sri Lanka’s spiciest and most popular...

Sri Lankan Fish Curry

Fish Curry with Coconut Milk

One of Sri Lanka’s Most Famous Dishes Made Simple Malu Kariya (මාළු කරිය) – Authentic Sri Lankan Fish Curry Sri Lanka is famous for its curry dishes and it’s many kinds of fishes. It’s no surprise that one of the most popular foods out of Sri Lanka combines these two...

sri lankan fish patties

Sri Lankan Fish Patties

Sri Lanka’s Favorite Snack Sri Lankans Love Fish Patties Seriously, Sri Lankans love their fish patties (මාළු පැටිස් in Sinhala), they are without a doubt one of the favourite foods on the island. And who could blame them for enjoying this delicious snack. Despite their popularity, Unlike many other Sri...

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